Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ethan and Dan!

While at the MTC, Ethan's buddy Dan Nielson was also there! Before Dan left they took pictures by the big map! Ethan is pointing to Panama, and Dan is pointing to Argentina where he is now at! Ethan is headed to Panama today!!! We got a chance to talk to him and send him off! We are very proud of these fine young men! Don't forget to write these boys!

Last Letter from the states! 7-13-2009

Hola que tal salchicha!?
S youre letter was very sad, i am so sorry about simon mom, he was definitly your cat. .but anywasy mom, the church is still true. i cant really describe the feeling right now, ready but not ready, scared but at the same time calm? i dont know its wack jajaja i cant wait!! im so stoked mom oh my goodness! aah! sounds like the new ward is wokring out, que bueno. well mom, im about to do real work, but i wont forget my time in the MTC. I have come to know my Savior and what he did for me. I cant express the love i have for HIm, and my Loving Heavenly Father. I cant believe i have been blessed with the oppurtunity to know his word and his truths, im going to take advantage of every minute of it. the world needs that understanding, and im gonna give it the em.I am so thankful for your love mom, and for youre gentle "push". i love you so much mom, through me these poeple will know how awesome you are. and i am so thankful for the opputrunity to give them a little piece of you through me. im really doin it mom! doin work! as things get hard mom remember who knows exactly how hard it is. Our savior is always there and i am so greatful for the opputrunity to really understand what that means. ill be okay, i got the package! thanks! im doin it mom! i love you! Love your son, Elder Hine