Friday, December 11, 2009

More Kuna Life


Well here is a Island update....we are on the mainland for a couple of days for several reasons....My companion is being transfered,and it is time for supplies!
Island life has been going well, our Branch continues to grow, I still teach the Sunday School and am The counselor in the Branch Pres....I love it!If it is Winter in other parts of the world, we don't know it! The Seas have been crazy, with high waves and rough waters. We actually ran out of food about 3 days before we came to the mainland, so we became very inventive!!! My new comp. is from Honduras...Yeah lets hear a shout out for Honduras! My Spanish and Kuna continues to improve,, somedays I just miss English!
When we got to the mainland we found out that we could call home for Christmas early, because we won't be back until Jan. 18th. So we had a Christmas party, all the San Blas missionaries (the pictures is of us sing Christmas Carols)...maybe my Christmas package will be here in Jan:)
So some cool news, I may be opening a new Island in Jan., I am stoked about that~ and I am stoked at how the Gospel of Jesus Christ takes us average, ordinary people and makes us extraordianry. I love my Savior and my Father in Heaven and am thankful for the opportunity to serve the people of Panama.

So Merry Christmas to all, and remember Jesus Christ at this time of year and His gift of
Eternal Life to each of us!
Love Elder Hine

PS My phone call home, funny story, I thought I really missed English, the problem I just can't speak anymore hahaha
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baptism 'Day


Ocean baptisms...does it get any better than this? The spirit , the water and the authority! I love this work!
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My House on the Island of Ukupsini


So how hard is this gonna be to sum up a month.But oh mon this is completly different kind of work. But I love it, I truly do! I eat well. The nativies love me and all missionaries. The missionaries are way important to them. The Kunas remember every missionary by name that has served here!They are truly a humble people. I had 4 baptisms this past month and pray for 6 this month. The language is the hard thing. Hardly anyone speaks Spanish, and my kuna dialect consists of praying and asking for a way good bread called mado nika. So alot of times our visits are just singing a hymn, they feel the spirit through the hymn it is way cool. I love the Kuna people they are without outside influence, it is nice. There is no crime here, and we do alot of service like working in the coca and pineapple fields, way cool. Our house is about 10 feet from the ocean, and there are star fish every where. At night it is so quiet you can hear the rain forest sounds, there are alot of monkeys but they are afraid of humans.
But I am fine and happy and doing the Lords work, I love my mission. I should be back on the mainland around Dec. 14 or so, so I will email again then I love you all, and pray for you all every day,
Love Elder Hine
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Islands

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The Islands


I love it here! I wish I could stay here my whole mission, it is so awesome! Our house is pretty big, I mean I don't have to duck in it like all the rest of the buildings or anything. We have a solor battery that runs a light bulb from 5pm to 10pm then it is light out dark! We cook on a gas tove so that is cool, but I have lost 10lbs, so I am working on gaining it back! A really nice lady does our laundry, I think she just dumps it in clorox, but it is done and she is nice! I am learning the dialict, but we still use spanish too. The branch is really cool, sort of deep in traditions, but are so good to the missionaries...way good. I am the Sunday School Pres. and lead music and teach remember when you would tell us, "where you sit I once sat, and where I stand you will stand before you know it?" Well, here I stand and man I wish I would have listened better when I was sitting..j/k...teaching seminary is HARD! Have I told you what a good teacher you were lately? hahaha.
The girl in the picture is 15, the people here are so small, I really am like a giant to them! Well I guess that is it for now...except I want you to know that I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, this is His work not mine, I am an instrument in His hands and and thankful to be serving in Panama. God lives Jesus is our Savior and the Church is TRUE!
Love Elder Hine
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

San Blas Islands Here I Come!

Here I go! so about 11:00 at night The Zone Leaders came over and guess what, I am going to the San Blas Islands! How sweet is that? I get to learn a Kuna Indian dialect! Oh man I am so happy! The island that I am going to is called Playon Chico. My companion is Elder Cruz from El Salvador. We will be sleeping in hammocks and living in huts. I am so pumped! I am gonna work my butt off, baptize in the ocean! But there is kind of a down side, I can only use the internet about every 4 or 5 weeks because there is no electricity. But every 4 weeks or so we can catch a small flight to the city and we will be there 3 days buying supplies and use the internet and get our mail and things. I can only take a small suitcase and I leave the rest in the city. so when you get a email from me, make sure you email back because we will be on the mainland for 3 days and can use the internet on all 3 days:) Mom I am so excited, I am one of the youngest, I mean greenest to go and you know what? I think it is because of my obedience. Just another blessing! Oh yeah I've become a stickler about the rules. hahahahaha, who would have thought huh mom! In my Book of Mormon reading I am in 2Nefi 1 in Spanish, but in English I am in 3 Nefi. How sweet is the Book of Mormon! But all is well, I am working hard and i'm obedient. all is well, I am safe the Lord is watching over me so don't worry. I love you and miss you all,
Love Elder Hine
ps.just keep emailing me, but be patience in my response!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Elder Hine's Testimony

Dear Friends and Family,
How is everybody doing? How are the Cash families? Both the R. Cash and the K. Cash family? How is Jorge? I know that I can ask these questions in a e-mail, but it is always nice to practice my handwriting!
I can't believe that by Dec. I will have been out 7 months....That is Loco! I sometimes can't even believe that I am really on a mission! It just makes me laugh! I grew up fast! Can you believe It? Next year I will be 20 years old!!!! Viejo! Wow, it is weird to think I'm a missionary, you grow up idolizing them, and then wow you are one! It is very weird, but AWESOME! And Hard! And many other things. A mission is the best decision other than moving back home from Abq., that I've ever made. And you can quote me on that when I am whining about this being hard. But really, I have a stronger Testimony of every principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have no doubts that Joseph Smith was called by God to restore the gospel. I know that he was called by God, I KNOW it! I truly am apart of the "Fellowship of the Unashamed." Elder Eying said it best-"My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, and my future is clear." I testify by the Mantle which I hold as a Representative of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, that this Gospel is true! "I have stepped over the line, the decision has been made.I am a disciple of Jesus Christ." I bear you, my family and friends, my testimony. I bear it with the up most love for each of you ~ He lives, remember that. This is my testimony, your son , your brother, your friend, and I know that it is true. I write these things in the name of our Lord and Savior our Friend and Brother, Jesus Christ, Amen.
So, I know that I really didn't really bear my testimony all that much, maybe that is why I do it so much now? Or maybe that's my job! But, I just love bearing my testimony. So there you go...just know I love you guys and pray for you all everyday. I do miss you allot, but I'm putting my head down and shoulder to the wheel and going to work,
I Love you,
Love Elder Hine

Livin' and Servin' in Panama

Putting on the armor of God!
Dear Family, Did you know that when we do door contacts, we stand at their gate and yell"Buenas!"?
Did you know that almost all gas stations and convenient stores are owned by Chinese People?
So they don't say "tienda" like store or anything, they call them "Chinos."
Did you know that it took 17 days for your DearElder letter to get to me?
Did you know that I am in the highest baptizing area right now?
Did you know that I have to walk 2 miles every morning to get to the bus to ride 10 miles to our area?
Did you know that there is alot of those rain forest ants that carry leaves around on their backs and stuff? It's pretty cool to watch!
Did you know that I haven't had a HOT shower since I left the MTC?
Did you know that I am the 1st gringo to come to Panama in about 10 months?
Did you know that my Zone Leader, Elder Low knows Elder Haines(the Canadian, who liked to play basketball?
Did you know that in our Branch of about 90 people, only 4 have cars?
Well, here are a few fun facts for you about my life, hope it helps you know what is going on and where I am at.
I love you guys and pray for you always~ Love Elder Hine

The bathroom...look familar Shaun?

The Kitchen..a cooks dream:)

Ethan's crib!

Little geico's, they are everywhere, all over the house.

Look closely, they killed ants on the fridge with candle wax:)

Ethan and Elder Lopez's first baptism as a companionship, Katerine Frias and her Grandmother

A pathway by his apartment.

Ethan and his Mission President, President and Sister Madrigal in front of the Panama City Temple..and yes he does look really tall!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ethan and Dan!

While at the MTC, Ethan's buddy Dan Nielson was also there! Before Dan left they took pictures by the big map! Ethan is pointing to Panama, and Dan is pointing to Argentina where he is now at! Ethan is headed to Panama today!!! We got a chance to talk to him and send him off! We are very proud of these fine young men! Don't forget to write these boys!

Last Letter from the states! 7-13-2009

Hola que tal salchicha!?
S youre letter was very sad, i am so sorry about simon mom, he was definitly your cat. .but anywasy mom, the church is still true. i cant really describe the feeling right now, ready but not ready, scared but at the same time calm? i dont know its wack jajaja i cant wait!! im so stoked mom oh my goodness! aah! sounds like the new ward is wokring out, que bueno. well mom, im about to do real work, but i wont forget my time in the MTC. I have come to know my Savior and what he did for me. I cant express the love i have for HIm, and my Loving Heavenly Father. I cant believe i have been blessed with the oppurtunity to know his word and his truths, im going to take advantage of every minute of it. the world needs that understanding, and im gonna give it the em.I am so thankful for your love mom, and for youre gentle "push". i love you so much mom, through me these poeple will know how awesome you are. and i am so thankful for the opputrunity to give them a little piece of you through me. im really doin it mom! doin work! as things get hard mom remember who knows exactly how hard it is. Our savior is always there and i am so greatful for the opputrunity to really understand what that means. ill be okay, i got the package! thanks! im doin it mom! i love you! Love your son, Elder Hine

Monday, June 29, 2009

Letter # 11 June 29, 2009

hey all!
Yeah i know! its been lonely getting no mail for a week! but i understand.
SO MT Taylor ward huh? thats kind of weird haha Today was Dans last day here, we got some pics ill send them friday or thursday. a big one for the Ward., I get my plans this thursday as for my flight schedule, im pretty ready to leave here. the spanish is about as good as it can be without full immersion if that makes sense. For the package, face stuff and doritos those are the only special requests.
But as for yesterday, i have a little riddle- What do the First Presidency, 11 out fo the 12 Apostles, Presidency of the 70 and all the New Mission Presidents have incommon? Well ill tell ya, they all were passed the Sacrement by me! it was so sick! i was in the Prophets Sacremnt meeting! While i was passing Pres Uchdorf was looking at me and i hjust started chuckling and smiling, then so did he! he smiled and chuckled and winked at me no joke! the whole Sacrement meeting i was 20 feet away from the prophet! I met the Central America Area President yesterday it was awesome! so yeah that was my highlight! i saw so many Apostles this whole week it was awesome! Ill send you pics on friday and im glad all is well mom. i love you and love you all! I miss you all in a good way! i cant wait to leave here and i mean th=at in the best way possible haha Love Elder Hine

Monday, June 15, 2009

letter # 10 june 11,2009

Family & Friends,

Hola! Well, I'm at the half way point, which I like! But it has been a good 4 1/2 weeks. I've obtained a greater and deeper love for my savior, Jesus Christ. i am so very thankful that i can, for two years, wear his name on my chest. I am so humbled to know that I am truly a representative of Him. It's so awesome. I am making the best of it believe me! And now to my district, wow! A bunch of awesome guys. Love them to death! Grown very close to these guys. How is everyone doing? I've written everybody back, so if you haven't gotten a return letter, its on its way! Today was the start of total Spanish, all day, everyday. Which is hard to say the least haha. But I still love it here, but I am very anxious to go to Panama! I love you all, and I love letters!
Elder Hine

a little side note, ethan was made district leader! He is in charge of every missionary in his district! very cool.

Monday, June 8, 2009

letter # 9 June 4, 2009

Mom, Dad, and family,

Hola! Well, needless to say I really want to go out to the mission field already! We go to a place called the T.E. where you go and teach members lessons or solmetimes real investigators. Its so much fun! I love it, there's nothing quite like teaching by the spirit. Its so awesome. Sometimes you don't even know why you say some things or show certain scriptures. But, its because as missionaries our job is to act instantly on promptings. And its amazing! How is everybody? I got the pictures. Bear looks huge! I also got the package today, made my day! Thanks! Life here is undescribable really. You're on such a spiritual 'high' that you rely on it more than I ever have before. I fyou guys have already picked the scripture for my plaque, sweet. But if not, Alma 29:9-10 = Awesome stuff! I love you all, and miss you in a good way!

Elder Hine

Monday, June 1, 2009

Letter # 8

Hola! Well, today I actually did some worldy missionary worl. I went to the RC and did phone calls. It was awesome! you make calls and check if people that have shown interest in things fromthe churchs till have interest or want to know more. It was so fun. Tany was right! Well, I'm in a pretty good continue now. And i just want to know Spansih already!!! But in due time I guess. Well, I thought I'd share that with you guys, and know that I love you. I know that I truly loving the Lords work. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to do it. I love and miss you all. Te amo mucho.
Elder Hine

Letter # 7

Mom, Dad, and Family,
Hola! I just emailed you guys today. Bu thought I'd tell you what my average day is like. I wake up at 5:30 am. Go shower, comeout and iron my shirt. Go to breakfast for about 30 minutes. Then, depending on the day, either go to personal study, or have language class. Then gym most likely. I just play soccer or softball. Then class. Then possibly MDT missionary directed time. At this time you do whatever. We usually go do contacts outside in spanish. Then class. Dinner!! more class. End at 9:00, then plan the next day for about 30 minutes. Then come back to our place. Chill in the hall, eat junk food! And just unwind. Then district prayer in our room at 10:00, in bed by 10:30. And so is my life, everyday except P Days for the next 50 days. I love it!
Elder Hine

Letter # 6

Mom and Dad, & Family,
Hola! Well. I'm sick today! Do not feel good what so ever! But it was an awesome day! We made our first contact and follow up lesson. It was with a lady named Rosa. It went awesome! The psirit was so strong. It was unbelievable! So that was my high light. How are you guys? How's bear? How fast are you guys getting my letters? I'm a little homesick but I'm okay. I just really try to stay busy. Esta Bien. I'm so thankful to be here. What a blessing! I've learned so much and it really has opened my eyes to the love Heavenly Father has for us. Especially since I teach the 1st discussion every day about 5 times. And the first thing we get to talk and testify about is how much our Heavenly Father loves us. Its awesome! Hope all is well. and know I love you guys.
love, Elder Hine

P.S. We have all decided that one of our instructors ( HNO Coles) is either John the Revelator or one of the 3 Nephites! He is truly a spiritual giant. He's amazing. Everyone here is.

MTC Address

If any of you would like to write Ethan , is a really easy way;
Elder Ethan Hine
MTC Mail Box #164
PAN-PC 0714
2005 N. 900E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793~
Thanks for the idea, Elder and Sister Elam:)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ethan and The MTC~Lovin'it!

Just a few pictures of Ethan at the MTC~Yeah, he is lovin' it!
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Letter # 5

Mom and dad,
Hola!!well, sounds like you guys have been busy!! i just did some laundry. good stuff, so dad hows the knee?? black and blue? mom, what do you do with yourself now?? hopefully baking lots of food. i woul dhate for you to get rusty haha jk. well we watched the testament last night, way good stuff. P day and sunday are the best. its crazy how much satan works on you as a missionary. i think one of the things he tries hardest on is making you forget why youre here. just small things of course but still, through our whole day we rely on the spirit and when we dont have it, its terrible. so yesterday i had to refocus myself i think. i wasnt breaking rules or anything but i did feel like i couldnt teach the second lesson the way i wanted to. but anyways, im gladd all is well. we'll be the veterans in our zone in a bout a week, the old ones are leaving. so im excited. did you get my pictures?? hope so. i did get your packages, and medicine! thanks! im thinking about at week 4 to start going all spanish. theres some elders here doing that and i guess it really helps. well see though. all is well. loving it here. its truly a blessing to be here. i love you guys, and ill write you during the week. stay beautiful
Love Elder Hine

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Letter # 4

Friends y Family,
Hola from the MTC! Well on week down! They say here that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. So true! Mom, I ran into Sister Wengerts grandson. I was standing in line to print pictures and started talking to this kid. After about 15 minutes he asked where I was from, I said a town near Albuquerque, he was from Morana, AZ. He said I have family near there, about an hour west. I asked no way where? He was all a little town called Grants. I was like no way dude!! Then I saw his name tag and it said Elder Wengert. I said dude I know your grandma! It was funny stuff. So if you would, tell her I saw him. I see Dan pretty much everyday by the way. We share the same building for classes. Well. I still love it here. Learning tons. Its funny, you never know what day it is. Everyday feels like Sunday. Its pretty nice feeling the spirit so strong 24/7. Definately something to take advantage of. I hope everybody is getting my letters. One stamp on a letter right? I hope so. Well I love and miss you all. Pero, esta bien and grateful for this, one of the biggest blessings and gifts i have ever recieved. I'll try to write you guys individually. Remember,!!! I get it realy fast then it give me your home address. So, love and miss you all!
Elder Hine
P.S. my email is

Friday, May 22, 2009

Letter # 3

Hine/ Tede-baker/Meyer/ Scott or Hine/ Tede/ family,

Write me at Its very fast. And Elder Jones gets all kinds of mail and it makes me want to bit his ears. I emailed mom. so hope she forwarded it. If not, somebody take care of my light work.

Dear Elder Hines family.
I love your son------------------------------------- This much!!! Thank you for sharing your son with me. He is such a good missionary. You should be proud. He is such a hard worker and he speaks spanish like a true beaner! But you really should be proud. Keep praying for us I love you guys!
Elder Jones

I love this guy!! We're moving in together. Oo-la-la

Elder Hine

letter # 2

Mom and Dad,
!hola! ?como estan? Pues, life here is awesome! I've met some spiritual giants. Hermano Coles = Awesome! So powerful when he talks its crazy. My teachers are Hermana Murray and Hermano Sayer. Awesome people. So I've got the 1st lesson down pretty nice. I can have about a 15 minute conversation in spanish, like a street contact getting to know them. !esta bien! So awesome here. Today was a little frustrating but the pro's out weight the cons definately! And mom, I did learn stuff in seminary! Thank You! Dad, people love your conversion story. My testimony has grown 10x in just four days. I love it. Tanya, my teacher HNA Murray served in Honduras... Brownie Points!! Tannis, lots of worthy young men coming back in about 22 months :) Grandma and Grandpa hola! you were right, this place is awesome. Sorry to whoever reads this I haven't wrote alot in the last year so I'm rusty. I love you all and miss you all! By the way missionaries love mail and packages :)

P.S. Tell jayson to check his fuel before driving his jeep. He'll understand. And send me pictures of you guys that i can hang up at my desk!
Elder Hine

Monday, May 18, 2009

Week #1

Hey everyone! well, if you havent hear i love it here. i love my district. i seriously love these elderes. good guys. i think i want to move up here to utah to go to school after. its sweet here. loads of blondies!!jk well, i cant tell you how much my testimony has grown in just these few days. i can now have a 15 minutes convo in a street contact then make an appointment. me and my comp are way top of the class in the language. i do love and miss you all. the first day my district just got way tight. i love these guys like brothers now, no lie. well, about exacly two months now. itll fly though. so mom whats the gossip?? haha well this is my email so if you coul dmom forward this thatd be super. i love you guys and i kno wyou love me. if you want me to write you a letter get my address from mom and write me first. send me pictures tambien. dad i love you and i hope your operation goes well. dont cry too much. i love you. i love you all and talk alot about you dont worry. well time to go change my laundry. i love you, the church is true, my socks arent blue. haha hasta luego, Elder Hine