Thursday, September 3, 2009

Elder Hine's Testimony

Dear Friends and Family,
How is everybody doing? How are the Cash families? Both the R. Cash and the K. Cash family? How is Jorge? I know that I can ask these questions in a e-mail, but it is always nice to practice my handwriting!
I can't believe that by Dec. I will have been out 7 months....That is Loco! I sometimes can't even believe that I am really on a mission! It just makes me laugh! I grew up fast! Can you believe It? Next year I will be 20 years old!!!! Viejo! Wow, it is weird to think I'm a missionary, you grow up idolizing them, and then wow you are one! It is very weird, but AWESOME! And Hard! And many other things. A mission is the best decision other than moving back home from Abq., that I've ever made. And you can quote me on that when I am whining about this being hard. But really, I have a stronger Testimony of every principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have no doubts that Joseph Smith was called by God to restore the gospel. I know that he was called by God, I KNOW it! I truly am apart of the "Fellowship of the Unashamed." Elder Eying said it best-"My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, and my future is clear." I testify by the Mantle which I hold as a Representative of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, that this Gospel is true! "I have stepped over the line, the decision has been made.I am a disciple of Jesus Christ." I bear you, my family and friends, my testimony. I bear it with the up most love for each of you ~ He lives, remember that. This is my testimony, your son , your brother, your friend, and I know that it is true. I write these things in the name of our Lord and Savior our Friend and Brother, Jesus Christ, Amen.
So, I know that I really didn't really bear my testimony all that much, maybe that is why I do it so much now? Or maybe that's my job! But, I just love bearing my testimony. So there you go...just know I love you guys and pray for you all everyday. I do miss you allot, but I'm putting my head down and shoulder to the wheel and going to work,
I Love you,
Love Elder Hine

Livin' and Servin' in Panama

Putting on the armor of God!
Dear Family, Did you know that when we do door contacts, we stand at their gate and yell"Buenas!"?
Did you know that almost all gas stations and convenient stores are owned by Chinese People?
So they don't say "tienda" like store or anything, they call them "Chinos."
Did you know that it took 17 days for your DearElder letter to get to me?
Did you know that I am in the highest baptizing area right now?
Did you know that I have to walk 2 miles every morning to get to the bus to ride 10 miles to our area?
Did you know that there is alot of those rain forest ants that carry leaves around on their backs and stuff? It's pretty cool to watch!
Did you know that I haven't had a HOT shower since I left the MTC?
Did you know that I am the 1st gringo to come to Panama in about 10 months?
Did you know that my Zone Leader, Elder Low knows Elder Haines(the Canadian, who liked to play basketball?
Did you know that in our Branch of about 90 people, only 4 have cars?
Well, here are a few fun facts for you about my life, hope it helps you know what is going on and where I am at.
I love you guys and pray for you always~ Love Elder Hine

The bathroom...look familar Shaun?

The Kitchen..a cooks dream:)

Ethan's crib!

Little geico's, they are everywhere, all over the house.

Look closely, they killed ants on the fridge with candle wax:)

Ethan and Elder Lopez's first baptism as a companionship, Katerine Frias and her Grandmother

A pathway by his apartment.

Ethan and his Mission President, President and Sister Madrigal in front of the Panama City Temple..and yes he does look really tall!