Wednesday, October 14, 2009

San Blas Islands Here I Come!

Here I go! so about 11:00 at night The Zone Leaders came over and guess what, I am going to the San Blas Islands! How sweet is that? I get to learn a Kuna Indian dialect! Oh man I am so happy! The island that I am going to is called Playon Chico. My companion is Elder Cruz from El Salvador. We will be sleeping in hammocks and living in huts. I am so pumped! I am gonna work my butt off, baptize in the ocean! But there is kind of a down side, I can only use the internet about every 4 or 5 weeks because there is no electricity. But every 4 weeks or so we can catch a small flight to the city and we will be there 3 days buying supplies and use the internet and get our mail and things. I can only take a small suitcase and I leave the rest in the city. so when you get a email from me, make sure you email back because we will be on the mainland for 3 days and can use the internet on all 3 days:) Mom I am so excited, I am one of the youngest, I mean greenest to go and you know what? I think it is because of my obedience. Just another blessing! Oh yeah I've become a stickler about the rules. hahahahaha, who would have thought huh mom! In my Book of Mormon reading I am in 2Nefi 1 in Spanish, but in English I am in 3 Nefi. How sweet is the Book of Mormon! But all is well, I am working hard and i'm obedient. all is well, I am safe the Lord is watching over me so don't worry. I love you and miss you all,
Love Elder Hine
ps.just keep emailing me, but be patience in my response!