Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ethan and The MTC~Lovin'it!

Just a few pictures of Ethan at the MTC~Yeah, he is lovin' it!
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Letter # 5

Mom and dad,
Hola!!well, sounds like you guys have been busy!! i just did some laundry. good stuff, so dad hows the knee?? black and blue? mom, what do you do with yourself now?? hopefully baking lots of food. i woul dhate for you to get rusty haha jk. well we watched the testament last night, way good stuff. P day and sunday are the best. its crazy how much satan works on you as a missionary. i think one of the things he tries hardest on is making you forget why youre here. just small things of course but still, through our whole day we rely on the spirit and when we dont have it, its terrible. so yesterday i had to refocus myself i think. i wasnt breaking rules or anything but i did feel like i couldnt teach the second lesson the way i wanted to. but anyways, im gladd all is well. we'll be the veterans in our zone in a bout a week, the old ones are leaving. so im excited. did you get my pictures?? hope so. i did get your packages, and medicine! thanks! im thinking about at week 4 to start going all spanish. theres some elders here doing that and i guess it really helps. well see though. all is well. loving it here. its truly a blessing to be here. i love you guys, and ill write you during the week. stay beautiful
Love Elder Hine

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Letter # 4

Friends y Family,
Hola from the MTC! Well on week down! They say here that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. So true! Mom, I ran into Sister Wengerts grandson. I was standing in line to print pictures and started talking to this kid. After about 15 minutes he asked where I was from, I said a town near Albuquerque, he was from Morana, AZ. He said I have family near there, about an hour west. I asked no way where? He was all a little town called Grants. I was like no way dude!! Then I saw his name tag and it said Elder Wengert. I said dude I know your grandma! It was funny stuff. So if you would, tell her I saw him. I see Dan pretty much everyday by the way. We share the same building for classes. Well. I still love it here. Learning tons. Its funny, you never know what day it is. Everyday feels like Sunday. Its pretty nice feeling the spirit so strong 24/7. Definately something to take advantage of. I hope everybody is getting my letters. One stamp on a letter right? I hope so. Well I love and miss you all. Pero, esta bien and grateful for this, one of the biggest blessings and gifts i have ever recieved. I'll try to write you guys individually. Remember,!!! I get it realy fast then it give me your home address. So, love and miss you all!
Elder Hine
P.S. my email is

Friday, May 22, 2009

Letter # 3

Hine/ Tede-baker/Meyer/ Scott or Hine/ Tede/ family,

Write me at Its very fast. And Elder Jones gets all kinds of mail and it makes me want to bit his ears. I emailed mom. so hope she forwarded it. If not, somebody take care of my light work.

Dear Elder Hines family.
I love your son------------------------------------- This much!!! Thank you for sharing your son with me. He is such a good missionary. You should be proud. He is such a hard worker and he speaks spanish like a true beaner! But you really should be proud. Keep praying for us I love you guys!
Elder Jones

I love this guy!! We're moving in together. Oo-la-la

Elder Hine

letter # 2

Mom and Dad,
!hola! ?como estan? Pues, life here is awesome! I've met some spiritual giants. Hermano Coles = Awesome! So powerful when he talks its crazy. My teachers are Hermana Murray and Hermano Sayer. Awesome people. So I've got the 1st lesson down pretty nice. I can have about a 15 minute conversation in spanish, like a street contact getting to know them. !esta bien! So awesome here. Today was a little frustrating but the pro's out weight the cons definately! And mom, I did learn stuff in seminary! Thank You! Dad, people love your conversion story. My testimony has grown 10x in just four days. I love it. Tanya, my teacher HNA Murray served in Honduras... Brownie Points!! Tannis, lots of worthy young men coming back in about 22 months :) Grandma and Grandpa hola! you were right, this place is awesome. Sorry to whoever reads this I haven't wrote alot in the last year so I'm rusty. I love you all and miss you all! By the way missionaries love mail and packages :)

P.S. Tell jayson to check his fuel before driving his jeep. He'll understand. And send me pictures of you guys that i can hang up at my desk!
Elder Hine

Monday, May 18, 2009

Week #1

Hey everyone! well, if you havent hear i love it here. i love my district. i seriously love these elderes. good guys. i think i want to move up here to utah to go to school after. its sweet here. loads of blondies!!jk well, i cant tell you how much my testimony has grown in just these few days. i can now have a 15 minutes convo in a street contact then make an appointment. me and my comp are way top of the class in the language. i do love and miss you all. the first day my district just got way tight. i love these guys like brothers now, no lie. well, about exacly two months now. itll fly though. so mom whats the gossip?? haha well this is my email so if you coul dmom forward this thatd be super. i love you guys and i kno wyou love me. if you want me to write you a letter get my address from mom and write me first. send me pictures tambien. dad i love you and i hope your operation goes well. dont cry too much. i love you. i love you all and talk alot about you dont worry. well time to go change my laundry. i love you, the church is true, my socks arent blue. haha hasta luego, Elder Hine