Monday, May 25, 2009

Letter # 5

Mom and dad,
Hola!!well, sounds like you guys have been busy!! i just did some laundry. good stuff, so dad hows the knee?? black and blue? mom, what do you do with yourself now?? hopefully baking lots of food. i woul dhate for you to get rusty haha jk. well we watched the testament last night, way good stuff. P day and sunday are the best. its crazy how much satan works on you as a missionary. i think one of the things he tries hardest on is making you forget why youre here. just small things of course but still, through our whole day we rely on the spirit and when we dont have it, its terrible. so yesterday i had to refocus myself i think. i wasnt breaking rules or anything but i did feel like i couldnt teach the second lesson the way i wanted to. but anyways, im gladd all is well. we'll be the veterans in our zone in a bout a week, the old ones are leaving. so im excited. did you get my pictures?? hope so. i did get your packages, and medicine! thanks! im thinking about at week 4 to start going all spanish. theres some elders here doing that and i guess it really helps. well see though. all is well. loving it here. its truly a blessing to be here. i love you guys, and ill write you during the week. stay beautiful
Love Elder Hine

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