Monday, June 29, 2009

Letter # 11 June 29, 2009

hey all!
Yeah i know! its been lonely getting no mail for a week! but i understand.
SO MT Taylor ward huh? thats kind of weird haha Today was Dans last day here, we got some pics ill send them friday or thursday. a big one for the Ward., I get my plans this thursday as for my flight schedule, im pretty ready to leave here. the spanish is about as good as it can be without full immersion if that makes sense. For the package, face stuff and doritos those are the only special requests.
But as for yesterday, i have a little riddle- What do the First Presidency, 11 out fo the 12 Apostles, Presidency of the 70 and all the New Mission Presidents have incommon? Well ill tell ya, they all were passed the Sacrement by me! it was so sick! i was in the Prophets Sacremnt meeting! While i was passing Pres Uchdorf was looking at me and i hjust started chuckling and smiling, then so did he! he smiled and chuckled and winked at me no joke! the whole Sacrement meeting i was 20 feet away from the prophet! I met the Central America Area President yesterday it was awesome! so yeah that was my highlight! i saw so many Apostles this whole week it was awesome! Ill send you pics on friday and im glad all is well mom. i love you and love you all! I miss you all in a good way! i cant wait to leave here and i mean th=at in the best way possible haha Love Elder Hine

Monday, June 15, 2009

letter # 10 june 11,2009

Family & Friends,

Hola! Well, I'm at the half way point, which I like! But it has been a good 4 1/2 weeks. I've obtained a greater and deeper love for my savior, Jesus Christ. i am so very thankful that i can, for two years, wear his name on my chest. I am so humbled to know that I am truly a representative of Him. It's so awesome. I am making the best of it believe me! And now to my district, wow! A bunch of awesome guys. Love them to death! Grown very close to these guys. How is everyone doing? I've written everybody back, so if you haven't gotten a return letter, its on its way! Today was the start of total Spanish, all day, everyday. Which is hard to say the least haha. But I still love it here, but I am very anxious to go to Panama! I love you all, and I love letters!
Elder Hine

a little side note, ethan was made district leader! He is in charge of every missionary in his district! very cool.

Monday, June 8, 2009

letter # 9 June 4, 2009

Mom, Dad, and family,

Hola! Well, needless to say I really want to go out to the mission field already! We go to a place called the T.E. where you go and teach members lessons or solmetimes real investigators. Its so much fun! I love it, there's nothing quite like teaching by the spirit. Its so awesome. Sometimes you don't even know why you say some things or show certain scriptures. But, its because as missionaries our job is to act instantly on promptings. And its amazing! How is everybody? I got the pictures. Bear looks huge! I also got the package today, made my day! Thanks! Life here is undescribable really. You're on such a spiritual 'high' that you rely on it more than I ever have before. I fyou guys have already picked the scripture for my plaque, sweet. But if not, Alma 29:9-10 = Awesome stuff! I love you all, and miss you in a good way!

Elder Hine

Monday, June 1, 2009

Letter # 8

Hola! Well, today I actually did some worldy missionary worl. I went to the RC and did phone calls. It was awesome! you make calls and check if people that have shown interest in things fromthe churchs till have interest or want to know more. It was so fun. Tany was right! Well, I'm in a pretty good continue now. And i just want to know Spansih already!!! But in due time I guess. Well, I thought I'd share that with you guys, and know that I love you. I know that I truly loving the Lords work. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to do it. I love and miss you all. Te amo mucho.
Elder Hine

Letter # 7

Mom, Dad, and Family,
Hola! I just emailed you guys today. Bu thought I'd tell you what my average day is like. I wake up at 5:30 am. Go shower, comeout and iron my shirt. Go to breakfast for about 30 minutes. Then, depending on the day, either go to personal study, or have language class. Then gym most likely. I just play soccer or softball. Then class. Then possibly MDT missionary directed time. At this time you do whatever. We usually go do contacts outside in spanish. Then class. Dinner!! more class. End at 9:00, then plan the next day for about 30 minutes. Then come back to our place. Chill in the hall, eat junk food! And just unwind. Then district prayer in our room at 10:00, in bed by 10:30. And so is my life, everyday except P Days for the next 50 days. I love it!
Elder Hine

Letter # 6

Mom and Dad, & Family,
Hola! Well. I'm sick today! Do not feel good what so ever! But it was an awesome day! We made our first contact and follow up lesson. It was with a lady named Rosa. It went awesome! The psirit was so strong. It was unbelievable! So that was my high light. How are you guys? How's bear? How fast are you guys getting my letters? I'm a little homesick but I'm okay. I just really try to stay busy. Esta Bien. I'm so thankful to be here. What a blessing! I've learned so much and it really has opened my eyes to the love Heavenly Father has for us. Especially since I teach the 1st discussion every day about 5 times. And the first thing we get to talk and testify about is how much our Heavenly Father loves us. Its awesome! Hope all is well. and know I love you guys.
love, Elder Hine

P.S. We have all decided that one of our instructors ( HNO Coles) is either John the Revelator or one of the 3 Nephites! He is truly a spiritual giant. He's amazing. Everyone here is.

MTC Address

If any of you would like to write Ethan , is a really easy way;
Elder Ethan Hine
MTC Mail Box #164
PAN-PC 0714
2005 N. 900E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793~
Thanks for the idea, Elder and Sister Elam:)