Monday, October 11, 2010

October 2010

Hey Family, this week has been okay. On Sat. we took Hermana Josefina to a baptism in a town called Purti Armelles, we haven't had a chance to talk to her so I hope it calmed her nerves about how ya'll doing? Today I stepped into Costa Rica haha and you know what? It is just as hot as Panama! hahahah But epic it was. We had to travel to Purto Armelles two times this week, and it is a three hour bus ride one way, so I am over little buses right now.
From my pictures you will see my encounter with a gator and the monkey who just loved me. We were walking by a river and saw the gator so we had to look more closely, then we heard the babies and yeah, but it was all good.
I good, i'm now a old guy in the mission so it is funny, my hair line shows it, which is not so fun haha.
This week we have Elder Falebella coming to our conference, then we will have our councel with him for the leaders, it will be a machete haha but it will be good.
This pday im am going to look for a shirt to buy, that is my hi-light.
How is Jorge and the missionaries in Grants?
I am good mom and family. I am lovin' it. It rains a ton butI kinda like that too.
I am glad the fam is doing good, keep upthose prayers for my area families, we need it, I nned it. I love you and am proud of you all.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Month #13 in Panama

Well as you can, Ethan is doing great,he is serving in an area on the border of Costa Rica,called Changuinola. he walks by the Chiquita banana plant all the time...very cool. The other day he said he was stung by a red bread plant that left pus-pockets on him...some strage stuff for sure. He sent hone his journal for us to read, and I thought I would share this one small entry:
"I am now who I always wanted to be. I have a testimony stronger than ever. I am a missionary in Panama, and I know for a fact the my Heavenly Father loves me."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Letter

I know it has been a long while but we go.
Ethan is back on tthe mainland and enjoying electricity and running water again:)
We haven't recieved any new pictures from him, but have recieved some amazing letters.
the following is just a little piece of his Mothers Day letter:
"This morning me and my comp. were doing comp. study, and we were looking in 3rd Nefi 28( I'm leaving the spelling as the original). It is where we find the 3 Nefites and what not. We were looking at the differences between the 3 who wanted to live forever and the 9 who were to die at age 72. All 12 were engaged in a good cause and the all loved the Lord. But we found the difference....the 9 were satisfied with dying when it was their time, and the other 3 wanted to be missionaries and disciples forever. Mom that is who I want to be. I don't want to just be a 2 year missionary and be satisfied. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ! I 've grown up and realized what is and what is not important. Mom I love you and our family too....lets Do It until He tells us to stop, we can do it! I love you and all the ladies I didn't get to tell Happy Mothers day too. The Church is true! The Lord loves us, choose the right, haz lo justo, Love Ethan