Saturday, May 23, 2009

Letter # 4

Friends y Family,
Hola from the MTC! Well on week down! They say here that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. So true! Mom, I ran into Sister Wengerts grandson. I was standing in line to print pictures and started talking to this kid. After about 15 minutes he asked where I was from, I said a town near Albuquerque, he was from Morana, AZ. He said I have family near there, about an hour west. I asked no way where? He was all a little town called Grants. I was like no way dude!! Then I saw his name tag and it said Elder Wengert. I said dude I know your grandma! It was funny stuff. So if you would, tell her I saw him. I see Dan pretty much everyday by the way. We share the same building for classes. Well. I still love it here. Learning tons. Its funny, you never know what day it is. Everyday feels like Sunday. Its pretty nice feeling the spirit so strong 24/7. Definately something to take advantage of. I hope everybody is getting my letters. One stamp on a letter right? I hope so. Well I love and miss you all. Pero, esta bien and grateful for this, one of the biggest blessings and gifts i have ever recieved. I'll try to write you guys individually. Remember,!!! I get it realy fast then it give me your home address. So, love and miss you all!
Elder Hine
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  1. The last letter that my parents got from Dan mentioned that he had seen Ethan once so far. He was really happy to hear that George got baptized, but Ethan didn't tell him that he was the lucky one that got to do it.