Monday, May 18, 2009

Week #1

Hey everyone! well, if you havent hear i love it here. i love my district. i seriously love these elderes. good guys. i think i want to move up here to utah to go to school after. its sweet here. loads of blondies!!jk well, i cant tell you how much my testimony has grown in just these few days. i can now have a 15 minutes convo in a street contact then make an appointment. me and my comp are way top of the class in the language. i do love and miss you all. the first day my district just got way tight. i love these guys like brothers now, no lie. well, about exacly two months now. itll fly though. so mom whats the gossip?? haha well this is my email so if you coul dmom forward this thatd be super. i love you guys and i kno wyou love me. if you want me to write you a letter get my address from mom and write me first. send me pictures tambien. dad i love you and i hope your operation goes well. dont cry too much. i love you. i love you all and talk alot about you dont worry. well time to go change my laundry. i love you, the church is true, my socks arent blue. haha hasta luego, Elder Hine

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