Friday, May 22, 2009

letter # 2

Mom and Dad,
!hola! ?como estan? Pues, life here is awesome! I've met some spiritual giants. Hermano Coles = Awesome! So powerful when he talks its crazy. My teachers are Hermana Murray and Hermano Sayer. Awesome people. So I've got the 1st lesson down pretty nice. I can have about a 15 minute conversation in spanish, like a street contact getting to know them. !esta bien! So awesome here. Today was a little frustrating but the pro's out weight the cons definately! And mom, I did learn stuff in seminary! Thank You! Dad, people love your conversion story. My testimony has grown 10x in just four days. I love it. Tanya, my teacher HNA Murray served in Honduras... Brownie Points!! Tannis, lots of worthy young men coming back in about 22 months :) Grandma and Grandpa hola! you were right, this place is awesome. Sorry to whoever reads this I haven't wrote alot in the last year so I'm rusty. I love you all and miss you all! By the way missionaries love mail and packages :)

P.S. Tell jayson to check his fuel before driving his jeep. He'll understand. And send me pictures of you guys that i can hang up at my desk!
Elder Hine

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