Sunday, November 15, 2009

My House on the Island of Ukupsini


So how hard is this gonna be to sum up a month.But oh mon this is completly different kind of work. But I love it, I truly do! I eat well. The nativies love me and all missionaries. The missionaries are way important to them. The Kunas remember every missionary by name that has served here!They are truly a humble people. I had 4 baptisms this past month and pray for 6 this month. The language is the hard thing. Hardly anyone speaks Spanish, and my kuna dialect consists of praying and asking for a way good bread called mado nika. So alot of times our visits are just singing a hymn, they feel the spirit through the hymn it is way cool. I love the Kuna people they are without outside influence, it is nice. There is no crime here, and we do alot of service like working in the coca and pineapple fields, way cool. Our house is about 10 feet from the ocean, and there are star fish every where. At night it is so quiet you can hear the rain forest sounds, there are alot of monkeys but they are afraid of humans.
But I am fine and happy and doing the Lords work, I love my mission. I should be back on the mainland around Dec. 14 or so, so I will email again then I love you all, and pray for you all every day,
Love Elder Hine
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