Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Islands


I love it here! I wish I could stay here my whole mission, it is so awesome! Our house is pretty big, I mean I don't have to duck in it like all the rest of the buildings or anything. We have a solor battery that runs a light bulb from 5pm to 10pm then it is light out dark! We cook on a gas tove so that is cool, but I have lost 10lbs, so I am working on gaining it back! A really nice lady does our laundry, I think she just dumps it in clorox, but it is done and she is nice! I am learning the dialict, but we still use spanish too. The branch is really cool, sort of deep in traditions, but are so good to the missionaries...way good. I am the Sunday School Pres. and lead music and teach remember when you would tell us, "where you sit I once sat, and where I stand you will stand before you know it?" Well, here I stand and man I wish I would have listened better when I was sitting..j/k...teaching seminary is HARD! Have I told you what a good teacher you were lately? hahaha.
The girl in the picture is 15, the people here are so small, I really am like a giant to them! Well I guess that is it for now...except I want you to know that I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, this is His work not mine, I am an instrument in His hands and and thankful to be serving in Panama. God lives Jesus is our Savior and the Church is TRUE!
Love Elder Hine
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